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Regular Pool Servicing

back yard swimming pool

Shepparton Pool Service is available for all your regular pool servicing needs. We can arrange a weekly pool cleaning that includes more than just vacuuming. We cater to all types and sizes of pools and will suggest an appropriate schedule for your pool. We have experts available for your seasonal pool opening and pool closing. Our pool opening and closing services will ensure your pool is cared for year-round. Contact the customer service team at Shepparton Pool Service today for a free consultation on our regular pool services.

Pool Cleaning and Services

We offer a variety of pool cleaning services that you can schedule regularly. Once our pool cleaners arrive, they will test your water quality, balance pool water, vacuum pool, and clean all baskets and skimmers. The team will then proceed to brush walls and rails as needed. Finally, we will perform a diagnostic check on all parts of your pool and its filtration system. Our pool cleaning service will ensure your water is healthy and clean. Your family and friends will be excited to go swimming and relieved to know your water is healthy and safe.

Regular Filter Services

Our pool cleaners will perform regular pool filtration services when required. During pool cleaning our technicians will verify your filter pressure, backwash operation, backwash filter, auto vac operation, and chemical feeder systems. If anything is out of the ordinary or requires repair, we will work closely with you to determine the best course of action. We can provide new filters when needed, electronic repairs, tile repairs and liner repairs. We are experts at sand filter maintenance and can clean and reinstall new sand to ensure your filter runs efficiently.

Pool Opening Service

Our service technicians are expert at seasonal pool openings. Hiring the team at Shepparton Pool Service will ensure your pool is open quickly and you can enjoy it sooner. Our pool opening service is designed to ensure the safest and quickest pool opening. Our team will remove debris from your cover before removal. All winterizing plugs will be removed, and we will install any ladders, dive boards and railings. We can then begin cleaning and prepping the pool and water. We will vacuum and remove all debris from your pool and flush your filter. Once your pool is clean, we will analyze your pool water and provide the proper chemicals to reach the correct levels.

Pool Closing Service

A proper pool closing will ensure an easy pool opening next season. Our team is fully trained in pool closing and will provide the highest-level service. We will remove ladders and dive boards, drain the pool to the proper level, and remove and lights and accessories. We will ensure all lines, pipes and hoses are free of water and add antifreeze to prevent damage. Once clean we will perform a final chemical treatment to winterize the water. Finally, we can install your winter cover. The result will be a pool that will be much easier to open once Summer returns. Contact us today to schedule a pool closing.


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