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Pool Water Balancing

big outdoor swimming pool

Are you having issues balancing your pool water and its chemical levels? The team at Shepparton Pool Service is available and ready to get your chemical levels set. Your result will be beautiful, sparkling water with a perfect balance of chemicals. The water in your pool will be safe and healthy for your family to enjoy. A proper mix of chemicals will prevent bacteria and algae growth. When your pool chemistry is correct, the chemicals will last longer and will save you money over the course of the Summer. Our pool chemical technicians are available today to provide you with a chemical level consultation. Let us get to work on today on cleaning your pool water.

General Pool Water Balancing

There are a variety of chemicals needed to maintain a clean and healthy pool. Each pool requires a different mix of chemicals and we will take care when diagnosing your chemical levels. If you’ve tried previously to care for your water, you may understand how difficult it is to maintain proper chemical levels. This is where we come in. Our experts will arrive, analyze your water and then suggest the proper chemicals needed to balance your pool water. We can then provide you with all the chemicals you need. Your result will be crystal clear, healthy water for you and your family to enjoy.

Test and Adjust Alkalinity, pH, Calcium Hardness

One of the first tests is to test the alkalinity and pH balance of your pool water. Your pool should have a proper alkaline level in order to stabilize the pH of the water. We will use a mix of sodium bicarbonate, sodium bisulphate, muriatic acid to stabilize your pH level. The goal is a neutral level of 7.4-7.6 pH for your water. We will diagnose and then provide all chemicals needed to achieve the proper pH level for your pool. If you notice white lines around your pool liner or tiles, your water may have a calcium issue. We will resolve your calcium issues and remove any white calcium deposits.

Regular Sanitizer Maintenance

While your pool is open it is constantly exposed to nature. Your water will accumulate dirt, germs and bacteria. If not cared for, every pool will become a breeding ground for illness. Sanitizers are used to keep your pool water healthy and swimmable. The most common sanitizer is chlorine. We can analyze your pool chlorine content and care for it as needed. We will measure your free chlorine and total chlorine levels. Let the cleaners at Shepparton Pool Service care for your chlorine needs today.

Shock your Swimming Pool

We can provide you with all your pool shock needs. You may need to shock your pool for a variety of reasons. During start-up and close-down, pool shock is used to kill bacteria and restore water clarity. The algae growth can be remedied with a pool shock. You may want to use a pool shock after a large party of very heavy rains that can drastically change the chemical balance of your pool. We use a variety of pool shock chemicals and will suggest the best option for your water balance.


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