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When you are thinking or considering adding a pool to your property, it is essential to plan and take into consideration several factors like the pool tiling and pool coping you need for your pool. Adding a pool to your home can add value to your property. It also requires a sizable investment in time and money to build and construct. Future pool owners should also consider the short-term and long-term ownership cost of maintaining and cleaning the pool. Choosing the right type of pool tiling and pool coping materials can significantly prolong the life of your pool. It also reduces the cost of ownership that is why we recommend that you choose the right pool tiling and have the right pool contractor to help you get the job done.

Indoor pool tiling job we completed in Shepparton

What Are Pool Tiles

Pool tiles are individual tiles designed for your swimming pool. They have many distinct differences compared to your ordinary kitchen or bathroom tiles. They are more durable and versatile because they are often exposed to the harsh sunlight and weather outdoors compared to your indoor tiles that are why choosing the right pool tiling can have a significant impact on the long term ownership costs of your pool.

Types of Pool Tiles

There are plenty of types of pool tiling available, and they can vary in cost depending on the quality and type of pool tiles. It is essential to know the types of pool tiling available to help you plan your budget correctly. We recommend that you consult with a professional pool contractor to help you choose the right pool tiling for your pool.

1. Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Much like your bathroom and kitchen, Ceramic and porcelain tiles are one of the most popular pool tiling materials in most residential and commercial pools. Ceramic and porcelain pool tiles are different compared to your regular indoor kitchen and bathroom tiles because they are designed to be more durable and take more punishment from constant exposure to weather and the harsh chemicals that are used to treat the pool’s water. These pool tiles are relatively cheaper compared to other pool tiles and are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are an excellent option for your pool floor, waterline and pool deck pavement. Thanks to their smooth texture.

2. Glass Pool Tiles

Glass pool tiles are a premium option in pool tiling. They are relatively more expensive compared to ceramic and porcelain tiles but provides a more beautiful and vivid texture thanks to the glass present in the tile. Glass tiles provide an added touch of luxury and vibrant colour to your pool that ceramic and porcelain tiles simply cannot give. Thanks to the smooth texture and finish of glass pool tiles, they are relatively easy to clean and maintain.

3. Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are another excellent option for your pool tiling needs. There are plenty of different types of stone tiles depending on what type of stone used like sandstone, slate, travertine, flagstone, and bluestones. These types of pool tiles are perfect for homeowners who are going for the classic Mediterranean design for their pool. Stone tiles considerably cost more in the long term since their natural porous properties require them to be sealed every few years to prevent water intrusion.

Choosing the Right Pool Tiling Colours

Pool tiling job done in Shepparton with red glass mosaic pool tiles

Choosing the right pool tiling colour can have a significant impact on the cost of maintenance and most importantly, the safety of your pool. The colour of your tiles can also play an essential factor in how your pool reflects light and absorbs heat. Lighter colours can let your pool reflect more light which can be a problem if your bedroom window is close to your pool. Dark colours can also absorb more heat which can make the pool water hot and uncomfortable. This is more effective especially during the warm summer months.

The colours in your pool can also make it more attractive by making it more vibrant and attractive. However, homeowners should consider that the water in your pool can make deeper pools. It appears shallower mainly when tiled with lighter colours. That is why we recommend that you consult with professional contractors. They will ensure that your pool is up to safety standards. It helps reduce the risk of injury.

Where You Need To Tile Your Pool

The pool of your home has many parts that need to be tiled. It helps improve waterproofing and prolong its life. Each area in your pool is exposed to the elements differently, so it’s essential to identify them. By doing this, you can quickly choose the correct tile that will help you stay on budget.

1. Waterline Tile

The waterline tile is the area of the pool where the pool water surface meets the air. The waterline of your pool needs to be more durable since it is both exposed to the outside elements and the harsh outdoor weather conditions. Special attention is needed to waterproof this area and choosing the right pool tiling can also improve the pool design.

2. Pool Tiling

When tiling your pool, it needs to be smooth enough to prevent injury to the swimmers. It also needs to have a texture to help prevent accidental slipping. Choosing the right pool tiles can help improve the upkeep of your pool.

3. Coping

The coping in your pool is the interface between the waterline tiles and the border of your pool between the pool deck. Pool coping is exposed to light foot traffic as well as exposed to water and sunlight. Choosing the right coping tile is essential to help reduce the risk of slipping and help prolong the life of the pool.

4. Pool Deck

The surrounding pool decking of your pool is essential. Choosing the right tile with the right texture will significantly improve the safety of your pool. It also reduces the risk of injuries.

We recommend that you consult with our professional pool contractors to help you plan and design the pool the is perfect for your budget and is up to safety standards. Our professional contractors will provide only the highest quality workmanship for your pool and pool tiling projects.

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