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Every homeowner would want to have an attractive deck around the pool. However, selecting the material, shape, size, and design can be a daunting task. 

When deciding on the best decking options, it’s vital to evaluate the materials for the design you would want to have. It would maybe help if you thought about the cost, safety, maintenance, design flexibility, aesthetic value, durability and strength.   

One of the most popular pools paving Shepparton has is poured concrete. Concrete is ranked first because it combines cost, beauty, flexibility, durability and strength. Further, this paver fits well with your home and exterior landscape.  

Pool paving job done by our pool paving contractors in Shepparton with concrete finish pool surround pavers

The Characteristics of the Best Pool Paving Shepparton Materials 

Slip Resistance

An excellent pool deck should have good traction because slip resistance is your priority. Most pool paving Shepparton’s materials are slippery, particularly when wet and efforts to enhance the surface traction can interfere with its decorative appearance. However, it’s easy to improve the concrete pavers’ slip-resistance by installing textured overlays such as exposed aggregate, or broomed finishes, as well as creating a mixture of sealer and plastic grit and applying it on the surface. 

Minimal Maintenance

Almost all pool decking materials are strong and durable. However, this is made possible due to continuous and costly maintenance. Concrete pavers have fewer maintenance requirements as compared to bricks, natural stones and tiles because these paving units, may begin to shift, chip, crack or fade over time. They may require regular replacement, releveling, refilling the gaps with sand, resealing or waxing.  

Poured concrete, on the other hand, eliminates most of these challenges for it just needs resealing and occasional cleaning to help maintain its look. The concrete pavers’ maintenance helps the deck to resist harsh pool chemicals and avoid regular exposure to water. These efforts make the surface easy on your bare feet, slip-resistant and splinter-proof. 


Each pool paving Shepparton material has its feel and look. Thus you have to pick a material that complements your design theme. Since a pool deck is a long term feature, it’s vital to install the best material that is not only durable but good looking for years to come. Poured concrete is one such material. 

Design Options

Several decorative concrete options in the market allow you to select the colour, shape, size or desired surface treatment. Some of the accessible pool paving Shepparton concrete finishes are exposed aggregate, broom finishes, and imprinted patterns that imitate the bricks, tiles and stones.   

You can also blend the decorative treatments like mixing stained concrete with imprinted or stencilled border. Alternatively, the coloured overlay can be enhanced with embossed or saw cut patterns.  


Poured concrete is the most economical pool paving material compared to flagstone, bricks or pavers. Although these decking pavers offer great aesthetic appeal, they are expensive to install because they are labour-intensive. Even with a tight budget, most homeowners can still obtain impressive results by combining stamped and less-expensive plain concrete. 

Heat Reflectivity

Pool decks with tiles and bricks have darker colours which make it hot on a sunny day. On the other hand, concrete is an excellent solar radiation reflector, thus making it comfortable to touch or on bare feet. More so, you can lower the surface temperatures using concrete decorative toppings. 

Concrete Finishes 

Photo of our completed pool paving job in Shepparton with pool suround pavers

Decorative concrete is one of the best pool paving Shepparton has for it offers you a wide variety of size, shape, colour and surface treatment. The following are some of the design options for your pool area.  

Coloured Concrete Pool Deck 

Integral colour, chemical stains and dry-shake hardeners are the popular concrete pool decks colouring methods. The options allow you to replicate the colour of wood, natural stones or any other material. Lighter colours are the best option for your pool deck for they reflect UV rays, thus keeping the surface cooler. 

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck 

It’s a decorative concrete that makes your pool deck resemble flagstone, natural stone or brick. Stamped concrete is coloured with dry-shake colour hardeners or stains but is easy to install or maintain. You can use stamped concrete together with other decorative surface treatments like broom finishes, exposed aggregate and borders. 

Brushed or Broom Finished Pool Deck  

Your pool deck can have a slip-resistant texture by installing a broom or brushed finish. You can create such a pattern by running a broom over a newly coated or freshly poured concrete surface. After that, you can apply stains and dyes on the surface to get an appealing colour that you desire. 

Stencilled Concrete Pool Deck 

Another alternative pool paving finish is stencilling a concrete deck which gives similar design flexibility as decorative stamping. The method uses disposable paper stencils instead of rubber stamps to create stone or brick patterns in freshly applied concrete. Applying stain or dry-shake colour hardener before stencil removal will give you an appearance of single bricks or stones that are mortared together. There are different patterns of stencilled concrete such as stone, tile, slate and running-bond brick.  

Exposed Aggregate Pool Deck  

You will end up with a beautiful pebble-like finish when you expose the concrete’s aggregate, and this will give the pool deck a slip-resistant surface. The use of decorative aggregate with an assortment of sizes and colours will give you an attractive finish while combining smooth concrete with exposed aggregate finishes will help you to create an exciting contrast. 

Rock-Salt Finished Concrete 

Rock-salt is one of the low-cost finishes that pool paving Shepparton has. It’s also one of the most natural methods of adding slip resistance and subtle texture to either coloured or plain concrete pool decks. You can create a beautiful speckled pattern by pressing grains of rock -salt on fresh concrete using a roller or float. This gives you a lightly pitted, weathered rock pattern. 

Other pools paving Shepparton materials are wood, concrete pavers, natural stones, bricks and tiles. Granite is a type of natural stone that offers a rustic look and exceptional durability. 

You can contact Shepparton pool Services for additional suggestion and the installation of poured concrete decking. The team of experts can create different patterns, designs and colour at a reasonable price.  

Contact us at 0491 187 493 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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