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Pool Maintenance

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Shepparton Pool Service provides services to care for any size pool. We are experts at caring for above ground and inground pools. We can repair every part of your pool and provide you with a safe environment to swim in. We are experts in cloudy water, pool water testing, filter repairs, pool leaks and pool repairs. If you need pool maintenance, service or cleaning in Shepparton, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team today for a free consultation.

Pool Water Maintenance

We have experienced water chemists ready to care for your pool water. The chemistry of your pool water is a delicate balance of several different chemicals. We will diagnose your water and then suggest the proper chemicals to provide you with ideal pH levels, alkalinity and sanitizer levels. If your water is properly balanced, you will have healthy and clean water that you and your family can enjoy. Your water will be free of contaminants, pollutants, algae and bacteria. Let us analyze your pool water today and we can start on clearing issues you may have.

Pool Interior Maintenance

We have a team of experts that can handle any interior maintenance repairs. Do you have an above ground pool? We can repair or replace your existing pool liner. Over the years you may notice wrinkles or bubbles in your liner. We are experts at smoothing or replacing your liner. We can care for your inground pool liner or tiles as well. Do you notice your pool losing water? We can provide solutions to patch and repair your liner to stop your water loss. Our technicians have years of experience repairing pools in Shepparton.

Pool Filter System Maintenance

A properly operating pool filter system is essential for the health of your pool. If the water is failing to circulate, your pool can become a health hazard quickly. You may notice cloudy water or algae growth. We can provide service to your pool filter and will have your filter running smoothly in no time. Once repaired your water can begin its recovery. Combined with a pool chemical balancing, you will eventually see your water clear and you can go back to enjoying your pool safely.

Pool Cleaning

Shepparton Pool Service can provide you with regularly scheduled pool cleaning. We have a team of pool cleaners available for all your needs today. Our pool cleaning service is extensive and will provide you with sparkling clean water that is free of dirt and debris. We will skim and vacuum your pool, clean the skimmer and return, and clean any drains. We can provide a detailed service to your home based on your schedule and needs. Weekly cleaning can provide you with a beautiful pool that will prolong the lifespan of your pool chemicals. A clean pool will maintain pH levels longer. Let us schedule a weekly cleaning for your pool. Our customer service team is available today for a consultation.


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