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Pool Cleaning

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Shepparton Pool Service provides a detailed pool cleaning service. As the premier pool cleaners in Shepparton, we can provide your family with the clean pool it deserves. We are experts at analyzing the exact care that your pool needs and will provide you with a clean and properly chemically balanced pool. We offer regularly scheduled pool cleanings that will keep your pool looking great all Summer. Your pool will be cleaned and sanitized and ready to swim in no time. Do you require deeper cleanings or seasonal cleanings? We can provide you with opening and closing services that will ensure your pool is safe year-round.

Pool Cleaning

We offer a detailed pool cleaning service. We can provide a regularly scheduled pool cleaning based on your needs and budget. Our cleaners will arrive on-time and perform a deep cleaning of your pool. We will vacuum the pool, remove any debris, and clean your filter traps. If you require calcium or algae removal, we will brush the walls and base of the pool where needed. Once complete, your pool will look amazing and you can enjoy swimming in crystal clear, healthy water.

Water Circulation

We are experts at caring for your pool water circulation system. If your pool filter is not functioning correctly your pool could quickly become cloudy or polluted. This could be a serious health hazard and cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. We will check and clean your pool filter system during our scheduled cleanings. We will clear dirt and contaminants from the filter system and check the sand filter. Our technicians will check all your filter’s pips, hoses, and pumps to ensure the water is flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Pool Water Chemistry

The correct chemical composition of your water is essential for your pool to be healthy for your family. We have experts in water chemistry that will analyze your pH, alkalinity and sanitizer levels. We will adjust your pool chemistry to provide you with a safe and healthy environment to swim in. Chlorine will be added to your pool during regularly scheduled cleanings to ensure a safe and sanitized swimming environment. If your pool has been under distress, we can provide a shock to max out the sanitizer level. If you follow a regular maintenance schedule your water will be cleaner, and your chemicals will last longer.

Pool Opening/Closing Service

We provide pool opening and closing services for your pool. Let the experts at Shepparton Pool Service handle your pool opening. We will remove the cover, winterizing plugs, install ladders, vacuum pool and scrub the interior. We can then get to work on balancing your pool water, applying shock and starting your filtration system. Our pool closing service will provide you with a similar service to ready your pool for winter. We will blow your water lines clean and add antifreeze and add the final chemical treatment for winter. Finally, we’ll install the cover and your pool will be safe and secure for winter.


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