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Fibreglass pools are made in the factory using moulds; that is why there are fewer options in terms of shape and size. They have an inside finish made of Gelcoat and dried using the polymerization process. Thus, a Shepparton fibreglass swimming pool has a durable, smooth, and algae-resistant surface. Therefore, these properties affect the long-term maintenance of the pool.   

Further, fibreglass pools have limited shape, sizes, and features because they are made in a mould. The inner layer is covered with gelcoat, giving it the smooth surface that you see and touch. The fibreglass pool has a vinyl ester resin coat that serves as a watertight barrier.

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Fibreglass Pools Installation  

The installation of fibreglass pools is what attracts most homeowners. It’s faster to install a fibreglass pool, for it takes less than six weeks, vinyl liners take two months and below and six months or more for concrete pools.  

Therefore, the pool can begin operation immediately after installation and filling with water. It has built-in tanning ledges, benches, and spas by the time they are delivered to your home. Other pools require extra time to install additional features.   

Since the installation process can mess with your backyard, Shepparton fibreglass swimming pools are no exception; however, it’s easy to get it back in order after a shorter period as compared to concrete pools installation.   

When to Install Fiberglass Pool 

The Shepparton fibreglass pool is built at any time of the year because the material is not affected by the weather. Thus, you can install the pool and accessories at any season and still have adequate time to plant your landscaping. Consider installing the fibreglass pool during the off-season so that you can enjoy a discount at this time. For instance, the winter season has several benefits, but you can purchase the pool and accessories then but install during spring and summer when the weather is milder.  

DIY Fiberglass Pool  

You can install the Shepparton fibreglass swimming pool if you have installation experience. The pool is made in the factory; thus, your work is to lay it on the ground. The foundation should be levelled, but preparing the ground can be challenging even for experienced pool contractors.  

Thus, if you’re an inexperienced pool installer, you should contact Shepparton Pool Services for professional pool installation. The experts will create a pool without risking the warranty.   

Cost Associated with Fiberglass Pool 

The overall fibreglass pool price includes purchasing the pool itself, the add-ons, installation, and lifetime maintenance cost. Other expected costs are landscaping, fencing, and fountains. 

Every homeowner wants to install a pool with less cost and a short time of scrubbing, thus not interfering with swimming. Shepparton fibreglass swimming pool offers the least cost of maintenance due to the smooth Gelcoat surface free from algae invasion. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the regular change of the interior or acid washing of the pool due to imbalanced pH.  

Cleaning a fibreglass pool entails skimming, vacuuming, and the use of damp rag rather than scrubbing with harsh cleaning chemicals as it’s done on concrete pools. 

Other maintenance tasks are monitoring the pool water chemistry regularly, maintaining the pH at a proper level, running pool filter once per day, and checking the water level. 

Pros of Shepparton Fiberglass Swimming Pools  

Fast Installation: The entire fibreglass installation process takes 3-6 weeks compared to concrete that takes 3-6 months. The quick installation makes it easy to manage the crews working in your backyard. It also avails the pool for use the earliest possible. 

Maintenance: The cost of maintaining a Shepparton fibreglass swimming pool is lower than other pools because it has an algae-resistant surface. Thus, you don’t have to clean the pool weekly, as it requires fewer chemicals when maintaining the pool’s pH levels.   

Durability: Shepparton fibreglass swimming pools are made of glass fibre. It is blended with plastic and layered with polyester resin, making it robust, lightweight, and durable. Therefore, your dogs can swim with you without cracking the structure or puncturing the Gelcoat. Since the pool has a user-friendly finish, you don’t need to refinish it; you need to maintain it correctly. The pool can last for 15-20 years when you recoat the interior surface.  

Attractive: Initially, Shepparton fibreglass swimming pools were ugly and straightforward as compared to concrete pools. However, this pool is customizable to improve its aesthetic appearance. You can add ceramic tile, coloured finishes, water features, tanning features, and awesome lights. These pools have built-in tanning ledges, spas, and benches. 

Not Affected by Salt Water Systems: Fiberglass pool is compatible with saltwater systems, unlike the concrete and vinyl liner pools. Thus, the pool allows you to have high-quality water and low maintenance. 

Cons of Fiberglass Pool 

Indoor pool on a new house in Shepparton

High Initial Cost: The cost of manufacturing and installation is high. Further, additional features such as water features, large retaining walls, and other unique additions add on to the initial cost of installing a Shepparton fibreglass swimming pool. 

Limited Options: A Shepparton fibreglass swimming pool uses pre-designed moulds; thus, they have limited options in terms of sizes and shapes. However, the installer and homeowner can add plenty of features until they achieve the design they desire.   

When to Hire a Pool Installation Expert

Although fibreglass pools are easy to install, it’s essential to hire a professional when installing this kind of pool because factors such as the level of the foundation, water runoff and drainage should be taken into consideration. A novice pool installer could risk damaging the pool, and the warranty does not cover some of these mistakes. 

You can contact an expert when you want to drain pool water. This is to avoid damage in the interior when cleaning, repairing, or servicing equipment. You can also refinish faded interior. 

You can contact Shepparton Pool Services for a quote of installing the fibreglass pool, landscaping, fencing, electrical work, regularly scheduled cleanings, equipment servicing and repairs in addition to seasonal maintenance.

Contact us at 0491 187 493 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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