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Equipment Service and Repairs

swimming pool water system

Shepparton Pool Service has a team of expert technicians available for all your pool equipment service and repairs. Let us help you keep your pool water clean and fresh. Our pool filtration repair services will provide you with free-flowing and filtered water nonstop. Is your pool leaking or do you have wrinkles in your liner? We have solutions that can repair or replace your liner quickly. We are experts at installing new accessories and safety features to your pool. Let us install a new dive board or ladder. Finally, we offer to install and repair for all your pool automation needs. Contact our customer service team today to set up a consultation.

Pool Filtration Systems

Your pool filter is the heart of your water system. If it fails, your water will quickly become cloudy and polluted. It will be a health hazard to swim in and will be an eyesore. Shepparton Pool Service and its technicians are experts at caring for pool filters. We provide checkup and cleaning of your water filter during every pool cleaning. Our team can provide replacement sand for your sand filter and repairs to any pumps or parts in the system. Your water balance depends on an active and efficient water filter. Let our technicians ensure your water filter is running great today.

Liners and Pool Tile Repairs

We offer several options if your pool requires repairs or replacement liners and tiles. If you’ve noticed bubbles or wrinkles in your liner it may not be too late for us to repair. We have state-of-the-art technologies that can find the issues and resolve them quickly. Is your pool leaking water or do you have broken tiles? Our repairmen are experts at caring for your pool liners. We can install a brand-new liner that will solve any leaking pool problems in less than a day. Feel free to contact our customer service team today for a free consultation.

Ladders, Dive boards and Accessories

Shepparton Pool Service has technicians that can install any accessory. We can help you choose and install new ladders, dive boards, sliders or railings. Add another layer of safety and fun to your pool today. We can provide you with trained technicians that have installed hundreds of pool accessories. The install will be quick and unobtrusive. Your new slide or dive board will be ready in no time. Adding new ladders or lighting can add safety to your pool while increasing its visual aesthetic. We have a variety of LED lighting, rail and ladder options that can meet any budget requirement.

Automation and Covers

Your modern pool can care for some of its own cleaning and maintenance. There are many automation options available for your pool that will make your pool maintenance easier. We can install your auto vac, chlorinators, water heaters, and automation timers. We are experts and installing and repairing all types of automation for your pool. Are you interested in an auto cover for your pool? Give us a call today for a free consultation and we can help.


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