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Are you sick and tired of caring for your pool? Bored of vacuuming, or emptying filters? Shepparton Pool Service can provide all your pool related maintenance and cleaning needs. We have a team of expert cleaners on-call and ready to care for your pool. We offer regularly scheduled pool cleaning services that will match your need and budget. You can contact us at the below phone number or use our contact form. Our customer service team is available and ready to take your call. Do you unhealthy, dirty, cloudy or green water. Give us a call today to solve your water related issues. We have experts in water chemistry that can solve any water problem.

Shepparton Pool Service is also a full-service pool repair company. We can provide repairs to your filtration system and to your pool’s structure. We can solve your leaks or slow filtration issues. Contac our customer service team today to schedule an appointment and we can get to work on diagnosing your issues. We have technicians on call and ready to work on your pool’s problems. We would also love to hear any feedback on our services. Your feedback is essential for us and will hep us improve our overall service. Feel free to contact us and let the team know how they performed. Our contact form will go directly to our customer service team and we will address any issues quickly.


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